Oil finished the week with active growth

The conflict between Iran and the United States has increased the risks regarding oil supplies from the Middle East, which pushed oil prices to rise at the end of last week. Over the week, Brent crude has risen in price by 5%, WTI - by almost 8%. According to The New York Times, US President Donald Trump at the last moment before the sanctioned attack on Iran canceled it, because about 150 people could have died. The US decision to strike at Iran followed the destruction of the American UAV by Iranian troops, which, according to the US, was committed in international airspace, while Iran reported an incident in the country's airspace. Support for the increase in oil prices on Friday was also reported on the suspension of the oil refinery near the city of Philadelphia, where a fire occurred. By 18:24 Moscow time on Friday, the price of Brent crude reached 65 dollars 10 cents a barrel, an increase of 1.01%. WTI crude oil rose 0.72% to 57 dollars 48 cents per barrel.

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